Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is DependaBill?
A. DependaBill is the only predetermined, totally guaranteed natural gas bill that completely eliminates the effects of changing weather and fluctuating natural gas prices. You’ll pay the same amount for your natural gas service every month for 12-months. There is no interim adjustment or end-of-year reconciliation unless you are on the program for considerably more or less than one year.

Q. Why is NIPSCO offering DependaBill?
A. NIPSCO offers this program as a service option to customers to eliminate fluctuations in monthly gas bills. DependaBill is designed for customers who want or need to know exactly what their natural gas bill will be month after month. This product should only be purchased by customers who are interested in a fixed monthly bill with no year-end true-up and who are willing to pay a fee for that feature.

Q. How is DependaBill different from the BudgetPlan?
A. The BudgetPlan is adjusted periodically to reflect your actual usage and increases in natural gas prices. Also, you have to settle up your actual bill amount yearly. DependaBill protects you from natural gas price and weather changes and guarantees you’ll pay the same fixed amount with NO adjustments due to usage or gas prices, as long as you use energy as you have in the past.

Q. What if I’m currently on the BudgetPlan but would like to enroll in the DependaBill program?
A. If you choose to remain on the BudgetPlan when you enroll in DependaBill, your existing gas BudgetPlan account will be reviewed to determine the present balance. For your convenience, your gas BudgetPlan shortfall or credit will be averaged over the remaining months of the BudgetPlan year. This amount along with your DependaBill quote plus tax will result in your new monthly BudgetPlan payment. Your enrollment in the DependaBill program does not affect the electric portion of your NIPSCO bill. You will remain on the BudgetPlan for your electric usage as well

Q. If I change my mind, can I drop out of the program? Are there termination fees?

A. If you decide DependaBill is not right for you, call 1-800-448-2026, 8am-4:30pm, Monday-Friday, within 10 days of your enrollment. If you cancel after the 10-day period, early termination fees will apply. These fees include a charge of $10 per month for each month remaining in the program year, a $30 charge to cover administrative costs associated with termination of the contract plus a cash-out amount. The total cost to terminate the DependaBill contract will never exceed 40% of the annual DependaBill amount. For details on how termination fees are calculated, please see the terms and conditions.

Q. Will I save money if I enroll in DependaBill?
DependaBill offers price and weather certainty and guarantees a fixed monthly bill with no year-end balance. It does not guarantee savings.

Q. How do I sign up for DependaBill?
To request a personal DependaBill quote, or to enroll in DependaBill, call us toll free at 1-800-448-2026.