Service Agreement

This Agreement is hereby entered into for the Price Protection Service ("PPS"). The Parties agree to the following terms and conditions:

1. Fixed Price. NIPSCO guarantees that, during the Term of this Agreement, Customer's Gas Commodity Charge will be a pre-determined amount per therm.
Capped Price. NIPSCO guarantees that, during the Term of this Agreement, Customer's Gas Commodity Charge will be the lesser of a predetermined amount per therm approved by the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission in the Gas Cost Adjustment or the capped price. Customer agrees to pay an additional pre-determined Capped Price Service fee.

Fixed and Capped Price. The Gas Commodity Charges for the Fixed and Capped Price options do not include your Gas Delivery Charge or other Gas Supply Charges such as; Interstate Transportation and Storage charges. These charges will appear separately on your bill.

2. Term. This Agreement will be effective for a twelve-month period beginning on the first day after Customer's next regularly scheduled meter reading. This Agreement will be automatically renewed for additional twelve-month periods unless Customer provides NIPSCO a notice of termination prior to the end of any twelve-month Term. Customer will be notified of any price change effective during the subsequent twelve-month Term on the Customer's NIPSCO bill on the eleventh month of service for the current Term.

3. Termination. Customer may cancel this Agreement free of charge or penalty by calling NIPSCO at
1- 800-448-2026 within five business days of Customer enrolling. Once this Agreement has become effective after this five day period, Customer can terminate this Agreement for any reason at any time. However, if this Agreement is terminated prior to the end of an annual Term, Customer agrees to pay an Early Termination Fee (6 month maximum) for each month remaining in the Term as follows:

  • Rate 411 customers - $20/month
  • Rate 415 customers - $200/month
  • Rate 421 customers - $200/month
  • Rate 425 customers - $2000/month

If Customer chooses to cancel this Agreement before the end of the Term but continues to receive gas delivery service from NIPSCO at the current address after cancellation, then the customer agrees to pay the Early Termination Fee. If Customer moves from Service Address, no Early Termination Fee will be charged. The new occupant of this Service Address may, with Customer's consent, assume this Agreement for the remaining months of its Term. The PPS program is subject to IURC regulatory approval. In the event that the approval for PPS should lapse, this agreement shall be cancelled and the customer will be returned to NIPSCO's standard gas service and no Early Termination Fees will be charged.

4. Other Conditions. PPS charges will be separately stated on the same bill Customer receives from NIPSCO for other service. In the event of a disagreement with PPS or PPS charges, Customer should immediately call NIPSCO at 1- 800-448-2026 or write to NIPSCO at 801 East 86th Avenue, Merrillville, Indiana 46410. NIPSCO will work with Customer to resolve any dispute within five business days. Customer also has the right to contact the Office of Utility Consumer Counselor ("OUCC") at 1-888-441-2494 or via the Internet at with any questions, concerns, or conflicts regarding PPS. The OUCC is the State Agency with the statutory responsibility of representing consumers on all Utility matters.

Revised 05/13