Online Payment Options

Pay Online through (Free)

No more checks to write, stamps to buy or bills to mail. Use our service to pay your NIPSCO bill by electronic check.
  • Manage your account - View your bill, make a payment, edit your profile, and much more.
  • It's free - There's no charge for the electronic payment service.
  • No check to write - Payment is done online saving you a check.
  • Service doesn’t limit you to just one payment -You may choose to use the one-time payment option one month, pay by mail or some other method the next month, use the one-time service the following month, and so on.
  • View payment status - You can check the status of your payment on the Account Summary screen.

Although payments won’t post to your account immediately, the process will generate a payment confirmation number. If you make a single payment online, you do not have to report your payment confirmation number again. The system will note the confirmation number on your account automatically.

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Register a NIPSCO account today to view your bill, make a payment, and manage your profile.

Already paying your bills with CheckFree? (Free)

CheckFree is a free, industry leader in online monthly paperless billing and payment services. Enroll today through the CheckFree Web site.
  • It's Free - There's no charge for CheckFree payment program.
  • View and pay multiple bills - With CheckFree, you might be able to view and pay bills from multiple billers from their Web site.
  • Instant activation - You can view your most recent bill while you're online.
  • No enrollment fee
  • No waiting period for approvals

CheckFree also offers an online payment service, which can be accessed through their Web site or through a link on your e-Bill. To use this online payment tool, you'll be asked to provide your Social Security number and information about your financial institution to authorize electronic payment from your checking account. Keep in mind that online payments made through CheckFree might take up to five business days to post to your NIPSCO account. If you submit your payment on or after the due date of the bill, be sure to call us and report your payment receipt number.

Once you sign up for online e-Bill delivery, you'll receive just one more paper bill in the mail from NIPSCO. You can print your e-Bill or store it in an electronic file for your records.

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Enroll by visiting the CheckFree web site. For your account protection, you'll be asked to create a personal user ID and password.

Pay with Credit/Debit Card or Electronic Check (Fees apply)

You can also pay your NIPSCO bill online or by phone through Paymentus, one of the industry's most secure electronic transaction environments. No special enrollment is required - just have your 10-digit NIPSCO account number handy when you make the payment.

Payments take a minimum of two business days to post to your account. Due to security reasons, electronic payment amounts may be limited.

You'll be given an opportunity to complete or stop the transaction after the total amount of your payment including the convenience fee, has been calculated.

To Pay Online, go to: Paymentus

  • Credit, debit, or electronic check accepted
  • American Express, VISA, MasterCard, Discover accepted 

Report your payment if facing shut-off
Paymentus will provide a payment confirmation number for your records. If your payment is to avoid shut-off, connect or reconnect service, be sure to call NIPSCO DirectLink at 1-800-464-7726 before 10:00 pm the day before the scheduled termination and follow these steps to report the payment confirmation number:

  1. Select option 1 on the NIPSCO DirectLink automated phone system for billing and payment information, then
  2. Select option 2 from the next menu for payment options
  3. Select option 1 from the next menu to enter a payment receipt number.

About the Paymentus convenience fee
Paymentus is an authorized payment agent for NIPSCO but is not affiliated with NIPSCO. NIPSCO receives no portion of the fee, only the actual bill payment amount.

Your NIPSCO account will be credited only with the amount you specify to be paid on your utility bill, not including the Paymentus convenience fee.

Set up recurring bank account deductions with ZapCheck (Free)

With ZapCheck, funds are electronically transferred monthly so you'll never have to write a check for your NIPSCO bill again. Register your NIPSCO account today to enroll. You’ll need your bank’s routing number and your NIPSCO ten digit account number.
  • It's free - There's no charge for the automatic debit payment program
  • Easy - No-hassle of automatic payments lets you forget about the task of paying your utility bill
  • No check to write - Funds are transferred electronically paying your bill right from your checking or savings account. You'll still get a monthly bill from us showing the amount you owe, how much energy you used, and the date that your payment will be withdrawn from your checking or savings account in case you have a question.
  • Saves time and money - No check to write or mail. No check costs. No postage. No delays.
  • Never Late - Your payment will always be on time.
  • Safe and reliable - Your bank can transfer only the amount of your monthly bill. Of course, you’ll continue to receive your monthly NIPSCO bill so you can monitor your monthly usage. The payment will be itemized on your bank statement.

Enroll today!

To arrange an automatic monthly deduction from your bank account, simply register a NIPSCO account today or log on to your existing account. You’ll need your bank’s routing number and your account number.