Request a DependaBill Quote Online

Account Management

For your convenience, you may manage your NIPSCO account online. Among the many features available through the online account management system, you may also request a DependaBill quote.

Simply log in to the NIPSCO Account Management system, and select the "Request Quote" action for DependaBill. However, if you have not already registered for online account management access, you must do so before you can request a DependaBill quote online.

If you have questions about the DependaBill program, or would prefer to speak with a representative to request a DependaBill Quote, please call us at 1-800-448-2026, during normal business hours.

NIPSCO cannot provide a DependaBill quote to customers that meet any of the following quote exceptions:

  • Customers who do not receive natural gas service from NIPSCO
  • Customer accounts with an active DependaBill quote, which hasn't yet expired
  • Customer accounts with insufficient usage history
  • Customer accounts with no predictable usage pattern
  • Customer accounts where natural gas service is shutoff or pending shutoff
  • Multiple meter accounts, where one or more meters are ineligible
  • Quote is significantly higher (2.5 times) or lower (one-half) than the budget plan
  • Customer accounts that have been shut off for non-payment in last twelve months
  • Customers with poor credit history
  • Customers currently enrolled in Choice, PPS, or DependaBill programs