Electric vehicles are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to gasoline-powered cars. Because they draw power from a battery, they offer better fuel costs, produce no tailpipe emissions and have great potential to increase energy security.

If you own or are considering purchasing a plug-in electric vehicle (EV), you may be eligible to take advantage of charging incentives through NIPSCO's IN-Charge Electric Vehicle Program. The program was designed to accelerate the adoption of electric cars by reducing the cost and complexity associated with charging.

Electric Vehicle Basics 
This section will help you get EV-ready, learn about the technology, charging options, the benefits of electric-powered vehicles and more. 

IN-Charge At Home 
Receive free charging between the hours of 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. daily through NIPSCO's IN-Charge At Home Program.

IN-Charge Around Town 
Offers incentives for businesses and organizations for installing public charging stations.