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Lock in Your Natural Gas Supply Price with PPS!

Natural Gas provides comfort, value and peace of mind.It's one of the safest, cleanest, most reliable and affordable forms of energy. Although the price of natural gas fluctuates from month to month, NIPSCO is committed to supplying you with natural gas at competitive prices and offering you options to make managing your energy costs easier.

Price Predictability with Price Protection!

Our Price Protection Service (PPS) offers you a way to lock in your natural gas commodity price so you won't have to worry about it increasing. It can be a great budgeting tool and prevent surprises when you open your gas bill every month.

PPS brings total predictability to natural gas prices. As you know, your natural gas price, like those of other products and services, can fluctuate from month to month. PPS allows you to fix your natural gas commodity charge for an entire year and this could mean possible savings for you.

Understanding your Gas Bill

Monthly gas bills consist of two major components, delivery and supply charges, both approved by the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (IURC). The price per unit (therm) to deliver natural gas to your home remains relatively stable. However, the commodity charge is the price per therm that NIPSCO pays for natural gas on behalf of its customers. It can vary because it is impacted by factors such as weather in other parts of the country; gas production levels, the economy...the list goes on.

PPS Puts You in Control of Your Utility Bill with Two Great Options!

Fixed Price Option
  • Offers price certainty and predictability
  • Avoid fluctuations in market prices - pay the same amount per therm for a 12-month period.
  • Your usage may vary from month to month, but the price you pay per therm will stay the same.
  • Current Fixed Price

    All prices effective 2/15/19
Capped Price Option
  • Provides fixed price security with flexibility - if NIPSCO's Gas Supply Charge goes down, you pay the lower rate. If it goes up, you pay the rate you signed up for.
  • Guarantees your gas supply price will not exceed a preset amount for 12 months, even if prices increase.
  • Includes a monthly service fee.
  • Current Capped Price
  • Current Residential Service Fee
    $6.69 monthly fee
    (Rate 411)
  • Current Non-Residential Service Fee
    $0.079/therm monthly fee
    (Rates 415, 421 & 425)

Only You Can Make the Best Decision about Your Energy Needs

It's important to understand your gas usage and prices throughout the entire year, not just when your bill is higher in the winter. The PPS Commodity charge does not include Interstate Transportation or Storage charges, which are billed separately in your gas bill.

You should consider all Gas Supply charges when comparing gas price alternatives.
Learn more about making an informed decision.