Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does the PPS price include Interstate Transportation charges?
A. No, the Interstate Transportation charge is included in the Interstate Transportation and Storage Charges line, under the Gas Supply Charges section of your bill. This charge is the same for bundled gas customers as it is for those customers on the PPS program.

Q. Why is NIPSCO offering PPS?
A. Customers have expressed an interest in price certainty and security for gas commodity costs, so we’re offering this program to better meet your needs.

Q. How does the PPS Capped Price option work?
A. The Gas Commodity charge for each therm of gas will be capped for 12 months. You will pay the lesser of the Gas Commodity charge approved by the IURC or the PPS Capped Price. In addition, you will pay a Capped Service Fee. The Capped Price option provides Gas Commodity charge security because you will never pay more then the Capped Price plus the Capped Service Fee.

Q. How does the PPS Fixed Price option work?
A. With the PPS Fixed Price option, you pay the same price per therm for natural gas for a 12-month period. Changes in the market price of natural gas will not affect the price you pay. If market prices go up, you’ll continue to pay the same rate. If prices go down, you’ll still pay the rate you signed up for. However, the gas delivery charges on your bill will still vary from month to month depending on how much gas you use.

Q. Will NIPSCO always offer the same PPS price?
A. No. NIPSCO will adjust PPS prices offered to customers whenever the projection of the future market price of natural gas allows a decrease or forces an increase. However, these price changes will not affect anyone who has already enrolled in PPS during their contract term.

Q. Can I stay on NIPSCO’s BudgetPlan if I enroll in PPS?
Yes. The BudgetPlan is a complement to PPS.

Q. If I enroll in PPS, are there any penalties or cancellation fees if I change my mind?
If the PPS agreement is terminated prior to the end of the agreement period, early termination fees will be charged. Please see the PPS service agreement for complete termination fee details.

Q. What happens if I move?
If you are a residential customer on Rate 411 and move, but continue to receive gas service from NIPSCO at the new address, you can assume the PPS agreement at the new location if you notify NIPSCO within thirty days of shut-off at the current service address. You may, transfer the agreement to the new occupant with the new occupant’s consent. If the PPS agreement is not transferred to the new occupant and you do not assume the PPS agreement at your new location, termination fees will not be applied to your NIPSCO account.

Q. Do I have to do anything at the end of my contract term?
For your convenience, the PPS agreement will automatically renew at the end of your contract term unless you choose to cancel by notifying NIPSCO prior to the end of your agreement. NIPSCO will notify you on your 11th PPS bill what the renewal price will be for the subsequent term.

Q. Will I save money if I enroll in PPS?
The purpose of PPS is to provide price certainty. While the focus is not on savings, some PPS customers have experienced lower monthly gas bills.

Q. How do I sign up for PPS?
A. To enroll in PPS, call us toll free at 1-800-448-2026.