Trees + Power Lines = Public Safety Risk

Trees coming in contact with electric lines are one of the largest causes of power outages – not to mention a safety hazard. In fact, one tree coming in contact with main distribution power lines could result in loss of electricity to hundreds of customers seriously impacting our communities. Any time you see electric lines sagging into trees, laying on the ground, or anywhere else they could be touched, please DO NOT TOUCH THE LINES. Report downed line immediately to NIPSCO at 1-800-4-NIPSCO (or 1-800-464-7726) 24 hours a day.

Because a dependable supply of electricity is so important, we must clear trees and branches away from electric power lines. This keeps electrical equipment operating safely and helps us provide you with reliable electric service.

You should never attempt to prune limbs or remove trees that are close to power lines. Tree work near power lines requires specialized, non-conductive equipment and OSHA-mandated worker safety and skills training. For your safety, always contact NIPSCO if you see a tree that you suspect is causing a potentially dangerous condition or a power outage.

Clearing Trees When Restoring Power

Ice and wind storms often cause tree limbs to break and entire trees can uproot and fall over. During storms, NIPSCO’s top priorities are safety and restoring power to affected customers. When crews work on damaged trees during storms, they only perform the work that is necessary to make repairs to our facilities and restore power to customers. Our crews do not clean-up or remove branches and debris that occur due to storm conditions.

Tree work during storm situations is very dangerous and crews work long hours in order to restore service as quickly and safely as possible. Please stay clear of crews and the area where they are working. Your cooperation and understanding is greatly appreciated when these situations occur. 

Stay Safe

NIPSCO’s top priority is the safety of customers and employees who live and work near our facilities. Since trees coming into contact with electric lines can become a path for electricity to travel and create a dangerous situation, it is important that trees and branches remain clear of power lines.

Talk to your children about potential electrical hazards in and around places they live and play. It is especially important that kids know the following life saving rules:
  • Stay away from power lines and never touch them with anything.
  • Don’t climb or play in trees growing near power lines.
  • Don’t build tree houses in trees near power lines.

Free Wood Mulch

NIPSCO’s tree work generates large amounts of ground up branches and leaves. This wood mulch is ideal for landscaping projects and other uses. If you would like mulch, please contact NIPSCO or ask one of our tree contractor representatives. While we can not guarantee mulch to all who ask, we will do our best to provide mulch if we are working in your general area.