Prescriptive Incentive Program

NIPSCO’s Prescriptive Incentive Program offers financial incentives to qualifying large commercial, industrial, non-profit, governmental and institutional customers, who are making electric and natural gas energy efficiency improvements in existing buildings.

The program is designed to encourage energy-saving projects involving the installation of new, high-efficiency equipment or systems. Prescriptive incentives reward eligible customers replacing less efficient equipment on a one-for-one basis with pre-defined energy-saving technologies.

NIPSCO’s commercial, industrial and non-profit energy efficiency programs are administered by Lockheed Martin Energy, a third-party implementation specialist that helps businesses save energy.

What Type of Projects Qualify?

Eligible projects consist of a one-for-one retrofit or replacement of existing equipment/systems with efficient equipment. Projects can include lighting products, space heating systems and controls, steam trap repair and replacement and boiler burner controls. See a full list of measures and eligibility requirements. All projects must be completed by November 12, 2021 in order to be eligible for an incentive. Applications must be submitted within 90 days of measure(s) installation.

If the project’s estimated incentive exceeds $10,000 it requires pre-approval before purchase and installation of efficient equipment. See our Custom Incentive Program for more details regarding the approval process.

Who Qualifies?

Eligible NIPSCO customers include those currently billed under electric Rates 720, 721, 722, 723, 724, 725, 726, 732, 733, 734, 741 or 744 and natural gas Rates 121, 125, and 151 (NIPSCO’s DependaBill rate).

How to Apply

Step 1 – Complete Application

To get started, review the Measure List to ensure your project qualified for incentives. After verifying eligibility, apply via one of the methods below:

Need help completing the Excel Application? Watch this tutorial for step-by-step instructions.

*Please note, incentive levels have been updated as of January 1, 2019.

Step 2 – Submit Application
If you opt for the Excel application, please send the completed file and supporting documentation listed below to If electronic submission is not possible, the application and supporting documents can be faxed to 1-800-304-4550.

Supporting Documentation Required:

  • Product Specifications of Efficient Equipment
  • Project Invoices
  • Tax Exempt Letter (if applicable)

Step 3 – Application Review
Applications are reviewed in the order that they are received. Complete applications are processed for review within three business days of submission.

Step 4 – Receive Incentive Payment
Incentive checks typically arrive within 6-8 weeks.

Have Questions?

To speak with a program representative, call Lockheed Martin Energy toll free at 1-800-299-2501 (Monday – Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. CST). Fax: 1-800-304-4550. Or find a Program Representative* in your area.

Trade Ally Information

Our Trade Allies can help you get started today! Trade Allies are suppliers, firms or contractors that are involved in the installation of high-efficiency equipment or systems and have been pre-approved by Lockheed Martin Energy Find a Trade Ally* for your project.

Interested in being a part of our Trade Ally Network? Complete and submit the Trade Ally Application*.

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NIPSCO’s commercial, industrial and non-profit energy efficiency programs are administered by Lockheed Martin Energy, a third-party implementation specialist that helps homes save energy.