School/Institution Savings

Take advantage of programs ranging from energy education opportunities to incentives for improving energy efficiency at new or existing facilities, rebates, helpful tips and more.

Prescriptive Natural Gas & Electric Incentive Program
Save money on the installation of new, high-efficiency equipment or systems, such as space heating systems and controls and steam trap repair and replacement.

Custom Natural Gas & Electric Incentive Program
Offers financial incentives to qualifying customers for the completion of cost-effective energy projects, including lighting, HVAC, refrigeration and IT system projects. 

New Construction Incentive Program 
Offers incentives to encourage building owners, designers and architects to exceed standard building practices and achieve energy efficiency above and beyond the current building code requirements.

Energy Efficiency Education
We partner with elementary schools throughout Northern Indiana to teach the importance of energy, natural resources and environmental issues.

Air Conditioner Cycling Program
Due to 2016 program changes, the AC Cycling Program has been discontinued.