Appliance Safety Tips

Your appliances are made with the highest quality and safety standards. They can add warmth, security and comfort to your home or business. To insure that your home is always a safe home, we urge customers to become educated consumers. This process begins when you prepare to purchase your new appliance and continues when you use energy-saving tips.

New Appliances
When purchasing new appliances, you are faced with a number of difficult decisions. Some of these decisions involve which brand is best, how much energy will the appliance use, and will purchasing a higher priced model that provides better efficiency save money in the long run. Once you have made the choice, learn how to increase their longevity and performance through appliance safety. Before you purchase your next appliance, learn to read EnergyGuide labels.

To ensure the safety and efficiency of your new appliances, follow some rules of thumb:

  • When purchasing a new appliance, look for those that are designed to meet safety standards. Check the label for certification. This is your assurance that the equipment is designed to meet national safety standards.
  • Have qualified professionals install appliances to make sure they're properly connected. Never attempt this yourself!
  • Follow the manufacturer's instructions for operation and care of your equipment.
  • Call a professional if there is any irregularity with your appliance, like overheating or the presence of soot around a burner.
  • Make sure a plumber or contractor determines that the equipment is properly vented and adjusted, and that it has an adequate supply of fresh air for safe, efficient combustion.

Operating Appliances
To operate electrical appliances safely:

  • Make sure appliances are approved by Underwriters Laboratories or another authorized laboratory.
  • Never operate an appliance while touching a metal object — especially plumbing — or while standing on a wet surface or while taking a bath or shower. Teach children not to touch appliances with wet hands.
  • Always locate appliances away from sinks and tubs.
  • Never use a metal object such as a fork or knife to dislodge something from an appliance.
  • Keep motors clean and free from lint, dust and dirt. Always unplug appliances before cleaning them.

Heat-producing appliances
To keep safe when using televisions and heat-producing appliances, such as toasters and irons, require special care:

  • Keep these appliances in proper working order and away from high-traffic areas.
  • Do not place these appliances near combustibles such as paper, drapes or furniture.
  • Unplug these appliances and store them in a safe place when not in use.
  • Make sure heat-producing appliances are cool before putting them away.