Damaged Service Line (Weatherhead)

There are certain components attached to your home or business that are part of your electric service.  Depending on what gets damaged, you may have a responsibility to hire an outside electrician to make the necessary repairs before electricity can be restored at your location. 

Customer’s Responsibility

A weatherhead, also called a weathercap, service head or service entrance cap, is a weatherproof entry point for above-ground electrical wiring or telephone lines into a home or business. It typically tops a pipe-like conduit, and is shaped like a hood, with the face pointing down at an angle of at least 45°. The pipe and wires inside the pipe belong to the customer and is their responsibility.




Meter Box/Base
This refers to the protective case around the meter, not the meter itself.

Customer Checklist

  • Customer must have repairs made by an outside electrician.
  • Depending on the county/city rules identified in various communities, an inspection may be necessary before the service can be reconnected.
  • The service will remain disconnected until the damage is repaired.
  • Once the necessary repairs and/or inspections are received, contact NIPSCO by calling 1-800-464-7726 to schedule a service reconnection. NIPSCO will make every effort to restore power as soon as possible.


NIPSCO’s Responsibility

Service Drop
This refers to the overhead electric lines running from a utility pole and entering your home or businesses’ weatherhead/service entrance.

Electric Meter
NIPSCO is responsible for the meter itself, while the customer has responsibility for the meter box/base.

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