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Strong Economy

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Gradual and Balanced Transition

Gradual & Balanced Transition


About Your Energy, Your Future

At NIPSCO, we’re proud that our work has provided the energy that northern Indiana families and businesses rely on to power their daily lives for over 100 years. Now, as we look to the future, we see the opportunity to invest in balanced energy options and make your energy more affordable and cleaner.

Over the past year, NIPSCO has been performing a comprehensive analysis of our future energy mix and meeting with our customers, our employees and local community leaders. The result of this process is an Integrated Resource Plan and a request to modify its existing electric rates to support the associated changes in electric generation and service to customers. The plan is a balanced, gradual transition that will strengthen our region now and put us on a path to a more cost-effective, cleaner and sustainable future.



Introducing Your Energy, Your Future Initiative

We envision a brighter future for Northern Indiana in three key ways: by focusing on the long-term strength of our local economy; delivering the best cost, most balanced and reliable energy our customers need; and reducing emissions to improve our environment.
Here’s what this plan will deliver:


Customer Benefit

Customer Benefits

  • Generating more than $4 billion in cost savings for customers over the long-term by retiring its remaining coal-fired generating units and replacing it with lower-cost renewable energy options.
  • Investing $535 million in the last five years in upgrades and improvements to modernize our electric infrastructure.
  • Upgrading technology to further improve response times and make it easier for our customers to do business with us, including the introduction of a new alert option for customers to receive text, email and phone calls with better information during power outages.
  • Providing programs to save customers energy and money – customers have saved $155 million since 2010 – and will continue those programs through this plan.

Economic Benefit

Economic Benefits

  • Adopting lower-cost renewable energy will help save Indiana’s businesses and families money, making our region more economically competitive.
  • Creating a stronger, more future-forward balance of renewable energy to make our state more attractive in the long-term to employers and residents.
  • Accelerating the retirement of nearly all remaining coal-fired generation by 2023 and all by 2028.
  • Working internally and with local leaders to support our employees and reduce the effect on our employee population as we make the transition over the next 5-10 years.

Environmental Benefit

Environmental Benefits

  • Reducing carbon emissions by more than 90 percent by 2028.
  • Accelerating the retirement of our remaining coal-fired plants, replacing them with new renewable energy sources and battery storage technology.
  • Offering programs that allow customers to generate their own electricity from renewable sources such as wind and solar.


Focused on Affordable Energy

Though customers will realize savings over the long-term as a result of these investments – largely through lower fuel costs from increased utilization of renewable energy and the avoidance of costs associated with maintaining and upgrading aging facilities – NIPSCO’s separate request to adjust electric rates does propose an incremental increase to electric rates for residential customers to support this transition.

Learn more about rate adjustments



Your Energy, Your Future positions northern Indiana as a leader in creating a stronger, more cost-effective and cleaner balance of energy and stands to make the region more competitive.

Learn more about the 2018 Integrated Resource Plan