Request to Retire/Remove Gas Service 

Demolitions cannot take place without the respective service connections and appurtenant equipment, (meters and regulators), removed in a safe manner by NIPSCO. Please allow approximately a 2-week lead time from the return of documents when requesting a service retirement date.

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Step 1:

Please make a request to retire gas service, call 1-844-809-8921. Place the order with a customer service representative for the appropriate address.

Step 2: 

The following documents will need to be returned before an engineer can begin the construction process to retire your service.

PLEASE NOTE: If you use Google Chrome, Safari or Mozilla Firefox as your web browser, please download and attach the completed form in an email to

Step 3:

Your Responsibilities

  • Mark all private underground facilities
    • (sprinklers, septic, etc.)
  • Land or Lot is within 6" of final grade
  • Clear path for routing of gas and electric lines
  • Proposed meter location free of obstructions
  • Notifying your engineer when the site is ready
  • Electric or Gas load sheet
  • Buried Hazards form
  • Payments (if applicable)
  • Inspections (if applicable)
Once you return the required documents, an engineer will be assigned to your service retirement request and may contact you to schedule a site visit.  Please refer to the Your Responsibility checklist as you prepare the site for readiness. Contact your engineer when all site readiness requirements have been completed.

Step 4:

After the site readiness has been confirmed and all necessary payments received (if applicable), the engineer will release this project to be scheduled for construction.

PLEASE NOTE: The scheduled date may be recalculated if one or more of the site readiness requirements have been altered, or due to emergencies and inclement weather.