Our Services

Start or Stop Gas & Electric Services 
NIPSCO provides Northern Indiana with safe reliable gas and electric services. You can apply for electric and/or gas service by calling our 24-hour Customer Service Center at 1-800-4-NIPSCO (1-800-464-7726). We are here to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 day a week. 

Allconnect, our unaffiliated third party partner, would like to take the stress out of your moving experience by helping you establish your internet service, television (cable or satellite), telephone and home security at your new location. 

With DependaBill you pay the same gas bill amount each and every month for one full year. Regardless of weather or natural gas price changes your DependaBill amount remains the same. It's a predictable, totally guaranteed, fixed monthly natural gas bill.

Price Protection Service (PPS)
PPS adds a sense of predictability to your bill by letting you lock in your natural gas commodity price so you don't have to worry about fluctuations in natural gas prices. It's a great way to budget your bill and add some certainty to your life.

NIPSCO Choice Program
NIPSCO Choice is a program that gives NIPSCO natural gas customers the opportunity to choose their natural gas supplier.

Call 811 Before You Dig
Whether you are planning to do it yourself or hire a professional contractor, smart digging means calling 811 before each job.

Dusk to Dawn Streetlights
We have the latest lighting technology for all your needs including businesses, suburban areas and rural areas.

Trees & Power Lines
Trees coming in contact with electric lines are one of the largest causes of power outages – not to mention a safety hazard. Any time you see electric lines sagging into trees, laying on the ground, or anywhere else they could be touched, please DO NOT TOUCH THE LINES. Report downed line immediately to NIPSCO at 1-800-4-NIPSCO (or 1-800-464-7726) 24 hours a day. You can also learn about our tree pruning & removal process, and how to select the right tree, the right place, the right way to ensure the longevity your investment.

Meter Reading
Meters are read on or around the same date every month. In 2013, we began upgrading our meters with an Automated Meter Reading System (AMR), which allows us gather your monthly meter readings from a receiver mounted in a NIPSCO vehicle instead of entering your property.

Green Power
Are you interested in supporting renewable energy? The Green Power Program allows you to designate a portion or all of your monthly electric usage to be attributable to power generated by renewable energy sources, such as wind power.

Renewable Energy Projects
Have your own qualified renewable energy generating equipment? We are here to assist with interconnection into our electric system.

Electric Vehicles
Learn about electric vehicle technology and find public charging stations near you.

Residential Builder & Developer Services
NIPSCO's Builder & Developer Services is designed to help Builders and Developers speed up the process of receiving gas and electric service. The program allows for a direct interface with our Customer Service Representatives on the Builders & Developers line. 

Commercial & Industrial Services
NIPSCO offers natural gas and electric services to our major account customers.