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To us, "green" is what you make it. So whether you're into energy conservation to save money, the environment, or both, we have the energy-savings tools to meet your goals and make your home more efficient, comfortable and safe.

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Our Promise to Reinvest in a Cleaner Tomorrow

We don't just want to help you save energy. We continue to improve our environmental impact by reducing emissions and water withdrawal. As one of the seven energy distribution companies of NiSource, we serve more than 821,000 natural gas customers and 468,000 electric customers and constantly strive for ways to improve quality of life for everyone.

As part of that effort, we have significantly reduced emissions through investments in pollution-control technologies, such as flue gas desulfurization and activated carbon injection measures, and there's more work underway. We welcome you to learn more about other efforts below.

EE icon Air Quality

Improving Air Quality

In 2016, we publicly committed to our efforts in reducing methane emissions by joining the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Natural Gas STAR Methane Challenge Program as a founding member. Through the five-year commitment and our associated investments, we estimate that NiSource companies will collectively reduce methane emissions by more than 145,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (C02e)–or the equivalent of taking approximately 30,000 cars off the road.

EE icon Reforestation

Ecological Restoration Efforts

We partnered with three conservation groups in northern Indiana to restore more than 540 acres of land along reservoirs, rivers and old-growth forest, including partnering with Shirley Heinze Land Trust to restore Lydick Bog, a rare and unique habitat. We value our continued partnerships with these conservation groups. Not only will this land be restored, it will be protected and available for the enjoyment of the communities we serve for years to come.

EE icon Reducing Water

Reducing Water Consumption, Preserving Quality

As we make investments in our systems, safeguarding our natural resources and wildlife habitats is a significant consideration. A particular focus area is northern Indiana, where we continue to identify and implement new technology that ensures environmental compliance and the preservation of this vital resource for the surrounding community. For example, our electric generation facilities return nearly 94 percent of water to surface water bodies used for electric generation–and they do so in an environmentally responsible way that protects both water quality and the environment.

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