Natural Gas Fires 

Special procedures should be observed when attempting to contain or suppress burning natural gas.

  • For structure fires, shut off the gas supply only if you can safely access the gas meter. Be sure you have correctly identified the meter feeding the fire. Never attempt to shut off the gas at underground or main valves. If there is no meter, if it cannot be reached safely, or if you are unsure which meter is feeding the fire, wait for utility personnel to shut off the main supply. They will also help with monitoring concentrations once the flames are out.
  • Once the gas supply is off, remain alert for gas migration and possible re-ignition. Keep all your protective gear on and the area secure until utility personnel and your incident commander give the all clear.
  • Do not use water to suppress a natural gas fire. Utility personnel and the incident commander will tell you how to proceed.
  • Use a fog spray to cool and protect combustible exposures.