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We look forward to partnering with you on your project from the subdivision development to the building of the home. Whichever project you are working on will require NIPSCO field crews or Service persons in different phases. Those phases could be delivering equipment/ material, installing gas mains/electric cables, energizing cables/transformers, trenching/running the service line to finally setting the meter. At times, we may need to send our crews to emergency situations. We look forward to servicing your utility needs.

Builders - Requesting Gas & Electric Service to Homes

NIPSCO pledges to install your gas and/or electric services to your new home by the agreed upon date between you and the NIPSCO Engineer assigned to your project.  Learn more about our Service Pledge. Just getting started, please request our services by completing our online application:

Builder Gas & Electric Request Form

Developers - Requesting Utilities Installation to Subdivisions

NIPSCO is committed to working with you to install gas and electric to your new subdivision when the Engineer confirms that the site meets the Subdivision Readiness Requirements (see Preparing your Job Site below).  Just getting started, please request our services by completing our online application:

Developer Utilities Installation Request Form

Preparing your Job Site

Once you have made an initial request, please review our site readiness requirements to learn about how to prepare your job site prior to NIPSCO starting any service/installations:

Builders: Residential Gas & Electric Service Readiness Requirements

Developers: Residential Subdivision Utility Installation Readiness Requirements

Home Builder/Developer Incentive Programs

Looking to build new, energy efficient homes? We offer great Home Builder/Developer incentives to help you get there.

Common Gas & Electric  Standards

View our most commonly used electric & gas standards for your project: 


 Exhibit B is the requirements for construction commitment.


Road Crossing Conduit Developer installation of conduit crossings, for electric primary, electric secondary, gas main, gas service, etc., for new road construction in developments.

Gas Meter
Guidelines for gas meter and service regulator locations.

Electric Meter  Single & Three Phase 200, & 320/400 Amp
Arrangement of service equipment to supply electric energy to an underground, outdoor self contained meter installation.

Electric Meter (Mobile Home)

Single Phase, 3 Wire, 120/240 Volts, 100 or 200 Amps
Installation in a mobile home park on a single or multiple meter project requiring not more than four meters. A single meter pedestal may also be used for installations where there will be no permanent building or other structure to which the meter box may be mounted.

 View all standards

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