Builder Readiness Checklist

Timing of gas and electric installation is important to the utility, developer, builder, and homeowner. The  sample timeline below is a guide showing the installation of a typical subdivision’s residential service. 

Builder Timeline

Application and Initial Contact

  • Make application for gas and/or electric to your new home by calling our Builder & Developer Services at 1-866-728-4533 or by completing our online Builder request form.
  • An Engineer will be assigned to your order and contact you within 2 business days after assignment.  Please have ready a site plan and your gas and/or electric load requirements.

Site Preparation (Builders)

  • Meters should be located in an area where the meter will not be damaged and will remain free of obstructions to permit access for meter reading and testing.

  • Both gas and electric meters should be located within the front one-third and on the same side of the house, preferably closest to the service stub. (Generally, the rear of the house becomes encumbered over time with decks, fences, etc. which hinder access to meters). At the site, an 8’ wide clear path (free of stumps) must be established along route of proposed service.

  • Meter Location Standard

  • Land or Lot is within 6” of Final Grade. The foundation of the structure must be backfilled.

  • All buried hazards not affiliated with the Indiana Underground Plant Protection Services must be identified and located by the customer. The Utility will not repair or pay for the repairs of unidentified buried hazards (Buried Hazards Form). 

  • Additional Gas Service Installations Requirements
    • Have a fuel line stubbed out or the installation of an approved gas riser bracket must be completed prior to NIPSCO's installing of gas service line. Location of fuel line must be in accordance with our Gas Meter Standard
    • Inspections/Permits as required by county &/or city
  • Additional Electric Service Installation Requirements
    • Inspections/Permits as required by county &/or city
    • At least one wall must be built with electric entrance (meter box) installed and inspected by the appropriate inspector.  Electric entrance must be installed in accordance with our electric standards for underground electric services: 

      Electric Meter (Standard)  

      Electric Meter (Mobile Home)

Site is Ready

  • All customer costs associated with the project must be paid in advance of job start.
  • Learn about our Service Pledge
  • Upon completion of the service line installation, please call our Builder & Developer Department at 1-866-728-4533 for meter install and turn on.

PLEASE NOTE:  If NIPSCO electric or gas facilities are deemed inadequate for your service, a line/main extension or modification will be necessary.  A properly executed contract and payment of a construction deposit may be required.  Your engineer will discuss these options with you. 

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