Residential Developer Readiness Checklist

Timing of gas and electric installation is important to the developer, builder, and homeowner. Lead time involves activities such as site meetings, design, obtaining materials, contracts, permitting and easements prior to scheduling for construction. NIPSCO will attempt to accommodate completed installation of utility infrastructure to suit your project needs. The diagram below is an example of our typical timeline.

At the final phase of your project, NIPSCO will confirm customer readiness. Examples of customer readiness may include: gas and electric inspections, easements and property lots staked, ground within 6 inches of final grade, agreements signed, payment received (if applicable.)

Developer Application Request

  • Make application for a subdivision gas and/or electric installation by calling our Builder & Developer Services at 1-866-728-4533 or by completing our Developer Application.

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NIPSCO Engineering Design

  • Once an Engineer is assigned your project, you can expect to be contacted within 2 business days. The Engineer will discuss the procedure for installation of facilities, cost, timing, special requirements and address any of your concerns.
  • Please provide drawings of the approved subdivision plat in Autocad format. Please allow approximately 1 week (5 business days) for engineering design.
  • Please read our Site Readiness Policy which discusses site preparation prior to utility installation. When the gas and/or electric facilities have been designed, the NIPSCO Engineer will meet with you to discuss the design.

Developers Site Preparation

  • NIPSCO requests Developers to install conduit at all road crossings for NIPSCO utilities during your road construction (Standard for installing conduit for road crossings)
  • NIPSCO requires the Right-Of-Way of all roads and property lines to be properly staked and marked prior to NIPSCO Engineering staking the path of proposed NIPSCO facilities.

Developer Agreement Signed

  •  Before construction can begin, the customer must return to NIPSCO a signed properly executed agreement and provide proof of ownership through a final recorded plat. 

NIPSCO Crews Begin

  • When the land is properly prepared for the installation of service the Engineer will sign off.

NIPSCO Completes Work 

  • Date needed determined between Developer and NIPSCO. 


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