NIPSCO Service Stubs

Your service stubs appear as yellow pipe sticking out of the ground on your lot. These stubs represent the location of your service line route. During grading and excavation, please ensure the integrity of these service stubs is not compromised or destroyed. This will create delays in installing your service when you need it.

Please note: As of 2015, service stubs will no longer be installed for new developments.


Front 1/3rd Meter Location

Safety is important to us. And for this reason, NIPSCO has guidelines for your meter locations: Gas Meter Standards.

Residential electric and gas meters should both be located on the same side of the home within the front 1/3rd. Not only does this aid in meter reading, testing and service, but also helps during an emergency response in the event of a fire or some other hazardous condition.

Please follow the new guidelines for meter locations and always remember safety first!


IURC Approves NIPSCO Settlement Agreement

On November 10, 2010, the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (“IURC” or “Commission”) approved, in its entirety, a comprehensive settlement agreement between the Northern Indiana Public Service Company (NIPSCO) and fifteen developers.

The settlement will change NIPSCO’s tariff and how it manages its contracts with builder/developers. This includes both new developments as well as current contracts. In the coming weeks, NIPSCO will be communicating with each Builder/Developer about how the enhancements from the settlement affects their individual developments and will provide the option of converting to the new process or maintaining the status quo for currently open contracts. Until such time as Builder/Developers are able to elect the process for their existing contracts, payments, including interest and principal continue to be suspended as they have since the settlement was filed on July 2, 2010. Going forward, all contracts will utilize the newly approved process.

Because the changes are extensive, the settlement enhancements document has been updated to reflect that the settlement was approved in its entirety and to describe the settlement and its implications. We recognize this is a lot of information and there are many variables still at issue. As the Builder Developer Team continues to determine how the settlement applies to individual Builders/Developers, please know our Builder Developer customer service representatives do not have additional information at this time. We will provide updates as appropriate and the most current news will always be available on our website by visiting and click on our Builder/Developer links. However, should you have any questions, please e-mail them to our Builder Developer Team at We appreciate the value you add to the communities we serve. We look forward to partnering with you through this process, as well as on future developments.

Who to Contact
For more information on the filed settlement, please e-mail the Builder/Developer Team at