Planning for the Future

We're planning for tomorrow, today through our Integrated Resource Plan--the regulatory process used in Indiana to outline how energy companies plan to meet the future electric needs of its customers.


2018 Integrated Resource Plan Meetings

Based upon NIPSCO’s recent assessment of the timeline and to ensure all resource options are considered for addressing the future capacity and energy needs of our customers, we have determined an update is required to our 2016 IRP. We plan to submit an updated IRP by November 1, 2018.

As part of the IRP development, NIPSCO plans to conduct a Public Advisory Process with several meetings taking place between now and the submission of the IRP update.

Public Advisory Meeting 1

Our first meeting took place Friday, March 23 and focused on explaining the rationale for submitting this update, process and timing, key assumptions we will use in the 2018 update, and major changes from the 2016 IRP.

During the March 23 meeting, NIPSCO announced its intention to issue a request for proposals (“RFP”) for capacity. We are seeking stakeholder feedback on the approach/design to ensure a robust, transparent process and result. NIPSCO is providing the Interim Summary on the All Source RFP and welcomes your feedback. Please provide feedback to no later than Friday, April 20, 2018.

Public Advisory Meeting 2

The second meeting  was held May 11, 2018 and focused on demand side management in the IRP, updates to the scorecard, scenarios and stochastics, generation assumptions, and the retirement and replacement assessments. NIPSCO also provided an update on the RFP for capacity process


Public Advisory Meeting 3

The third meeting was held July 24, 2018 via webinar and focused on the results of the all source request for proposals for capacity.


Technical Webinar

NIPSCO hosted a technical webinar on August 28, 2018 to provide additional information on the methodology and rationale for the tranches, including an illustrative example.


Public Advisory Meeting 4

A public advisory meeting was  held September 19, 2018 at Fair Oaks Farms. The event focused on the preliminary findings from the IRP modeling and solicited stakeholder feedback on the preliminary results.


Public Advisory Meeting 5

A public advisory meeting was held on October 18, 2018 at Fair Oaks Farms. The event focused on NIPSCO's preferred resource plan and short term action plan as well as soliciting stakeholder feedback on the final results.


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