EFFECTIVE 10/31/88 through 11/04/2010

NIPSCO Gas Service Tariffs

Rate/Rider Designation Tariff for Gas Service - Class of Service Sheet Number
Complete Table of Contents
Rate Index by Zone2
Index of Communities Furnished Gas Service3
Rate No. 311Residential and Residential Spaceheating Service4
Rider to Rates 311, 315, 316 and 317
Residential Gas Spacecooling Service
Rider to Rates 311, 315, 316, 317, 321, and 325
Price Protection Service (PPS)
Experimental Rider to Rates 311, 315, 316, 317, 321 and 325 Fixed Gas Bill Rider4.3
Rate No. 315Multiple Family Housing5
Rate No. 316Multiple Family Housing6
Rate No. 317Housing Authority Service7
Rate No. 318Unmetered Gas Lighting Service8
Rate No. 321General Service - Small9
Rate No. 322Commercial and Industrial Spacecooling9.1
Rate No. 322ACommercial and Industrial Spacecooling9.2
Rate No. 323Commercial and Industrial Dual Fuel Service10
Rate No. 324Experimental Compressed Natural Gas Service10.1
Rate No. 324ACompressed Natural Gas Service10.2
Rate No. 325General Service - Large11
Rate No. 328Transportation and Transportation Balancing Service 1212.1
Rate No. 331Commercial and Industrial Temporary Emergency Service14
Rate No. 332Best Efforts Emergency Peaking Service14.1
Rate No. 333Interruptible Service15
Rate No. 334 Commercial and Industrial Off-Peak Interruptible15.1
Rate No. 334A Commercial and Industrial Sales Service Interruptible15.2
Rate No. 336New Business Transportation and Transportation Balancing Service17
Rate No. 338Firm Transportation and Transportation Balancing Service19
Rate No. 342 - 342AOptional Storage Service20 - 20.1
Rider to Rates 311, 315, 316, 317, 321 and 325
Supplier Choice Delivery Service (SCDS)
Rate No. 343Firm Distribution Transportation Service (FDTS)21.1
Rate No. 344Firm Transportation Service (FTS)21.2
Rate No. 345 Supplier Aggregation Service (SAS)21.3
Daily Imbalance Cash-out Provisions Rider to Rate Schedules21.4
Rate No. 346Firm No-Notice Backup Supply Service (FNBS)21.5
Rate No. 347Gas Parking Service (GPS)21.6
Rate No. 348 Gas Lending Service (GLS)21.7
Rate No. 349 Firm Peaking Capacity Service (FPCS) 21.8
Rate No. 340Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) Service 21.9
Rate No. 330Large Volume Negotiated Sales Service21.10
Rate No. 350Nomination Exchange Service for Suppliers and Marketers21.11A
Rate Adjustment - Rate Tracking Factors22
Spacecooling Commodity Charges22.1
Appendix A.2 Rate Adjustment22.2
Appendix A.3 2010 Summary of Charges Included in Rates22.3
Appendix A.3 2009 Summary of Charges Included in Rates22.3
Appendix A.3 2008 Summary of Charges Included in Rates22.3
Appendix A.3 2007 Summary of Charges Included in Rates22.3
Appendix A.3 2006 Summary of Charges Included in Rates22.3
Appendix A.3 2005 Summary of Charges Included in Rates22.3
Appendix A.4 Gas Efficiency Rider22.4
Appendix A-R311 Rate Adjustment for Rate 31122-R311
Base Rate Cost of Gas23
Miscellaneous Nonrecurring Charges24
General Rules and Regulations Applicable to Gas Service25



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