Electric Service Tariff (Entire Book)

Table of Contents

Rate/Rider Designation Tariff for Electric Service - Class of Service Sheet No.
Cover Page 1
Table of Contents 2, 3, 4
Index of Cities, Towns and Unincorporated Communities Furnished Electric Service5, 6
General Rules and Regulations Applicable to Electric Service7 through 45 
Rate 811 Residential 46 
Rate 820 Commercial and General Service - Heat Pump 47, 48   
Rate 821 General Service - Small49
Rate 822 Commercial Spaceheating 50, 51 
Rate 823 General Service - Medium 52 through 54    
Rate 824 General Service - Large 55 through 59   
Rate 825 Metal Melting Service 60 through 64   
Rate 826 Off-Peak Service 65 through 68   
Rate 831 Industrial Power Service -Large69 through 81   
Rate 832Industrial Power Service – Small82 through 93   
Rate 833Industrial Power Service – Small – HLF94 through 105   
Rate 841    Municipal Power 106, 107    
Rate 842 Intermittent Wastewater Pumping-Distributed Systems 108 through 110   
Rate 844 Railroad Power Service 111 through 113    
Rate 850 Street Lighting 114 through 121   
Rate 855 Traffic and Directive Lighting 122   
Rate 860 Dusk to Dawn Area Lighting 123 through 126   
Rate 865 Renewable Feed-In Tariff 127 through 138   
Rider 870 Adjustment of Charges for Cost of Fuel Rider 139 
Rider 871Adjustment of Charges for Regional Transmission Organization140
Rider 874 Adjustment of Charges for Resource Adequacy 141 
Rider 876Back-Up and Maintenance Industrial Service Rider142 through 145
Rider 877 Economic Development Rider 146 through 148
Rider 878 Purchases from Cogeneration Facilities and Small Power Production Facilities 149 through 152   
Rider 879 Interconnection Standards 153 through 168   
Rider 880 Net Metering 169 through 177    
Rider 881 Demand Response Resource Type 1 (DRR 1) - Energy Only 178 through 183   
Rider 882 Emergency Demand Response Resource (EDR) - Energy Only 184 through 191   
Rider 883 Demand Side Management Adjustment Mechanism 192 through 196   
Rider 886 Green Power Rider197, 198
Rider 887 Adjustment of Charges for Federally Mandated Costs 199   
Rider 888 Adjustment of Charges for Transmission, Distribution and Storage System Improvement Charge 200
Appendix A Applicable Riders 201, 202   
Appendix B Fuel Cost Adjustment 203 
Appendix C Resource Transmission Organization Adjustment Factor 204 
Appendix F Resource Adequacy Adjustment Factor 205 
Appendix G Demand Side Management Adjustment Mechanism Factor 206 through 211
Appendix H Green Power Rider Rate 212    
Appendix I Federally Mandated Cost Adjustment Factor 213    
Appendix J Transmission, Distribution and Storage System Improvement Charge214 

Electric rate adjustment history

Rate schedule history for purchases from cogeneration and small power production facilities


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