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We currently own and operate two Hydro Electric Plants in northern Indiana, which provide electric power to customers across NIPSCO's service area.

  • Norway Hydro Electric Plant - located along Lake Shafer in White County - was put in service in 1923 and NIPSCO purchased the plant in 1944. Norway Hydro's maximum output is 7.2 megawatts (MW).
  • Oakdale Hydro Electric Plant - located along Lake Freeman in Carroll County - was put in service in 1925 and NIPSCO purchased the plant in 1944. Oakdale Hydro maximum output is 9.2 MW.

Norway and Oakdale were licensed by FERC on October 2, 2007. NIPSCO operates these facilities as "run-of-river dams". In other words, water flowing through the dams is matched as close as possible to the water flow coming into the dams. These facilities are not flood control dams.

Current lake levels

Norway Hydro Plant
Lake Shafer

Plant Lake Level
Plant Discharge
(El in ft local datum)
(Cubic Feet/Second)
Refresh your browser to view updated level. Updated last: 7/12/2020 2:03:01 PM Local Time

Oakdale Hydro Plant
Lake Freeman

Plant Lake Level
Plant Discharge
(El in ft local datum)
(Cubic Feet/Second)
Refresh your browser to view updated level. Updated last: 7/12/2020 2:02:40 PM Local Time

Understanding plant lake levels*

The Lake Levels (Elevation in feet Local Datum) represent the level of the lakes at the hydros.

Norway/Lake Shafer FERC operating target

  • Normal: 645.15 ft
  • Low-High: 644.90 ft - 645.90

Oakdale/Lake Freeman FERC operating target

  • Normal: 610.35 ft
  • Low-High: 610.10 ft - 611.10

Understanding plant discharge levels

The Plant Discharge (cubic feet per second) represents the water flow through each plant.

  • Flood Emergency: as conditions warrant
  • Flood Warning: 13,000 Cubic Feet/Second
  • Flood Watch: 9,000 Cubic Feet/Second
  • ALF: <=300 Cubic Feet/Second**

* Change in elevation taken near the face of the hydros does not reflect or equate to the same potential change in depth for other areas of the lake. A change of .01 ft in the surface elevation equates to 1/100th of a foot or .12 inches. NIPSCO does not measure average depths.

** An Abnormally Low Flow (ALF) event occurs at the Oakdale Dam when the prior 24 hour daily average for flows at Buffalo USGS gauge drop equal to or below 410. During an ALF event NIPSCO is required to maintain 1.39 times the previous 24 hour daily average flow measured at the USGS gauge in accordance with the USFWS mandate, which could result in lower lake levels. An ALF event will end once the 24 hour average rises above 410 cfs at the Buffalo USGS gauge and hourly readings at the Oakdale USGS gauge are above 500 cfs. (This is based on USGS data.)

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For information on conditions along the Tippecanoe River, please call your County Emergency Management Agency.

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