Natural Gas Vehicles 


Natural gas is a clean and abundant fossil fuel. It is produced domestically and provides millions of Americans with jobs. With a renewed focus on the environment, natural gas is emerging as an economically and environmentally-beneficial alternative to gasoline:

  • Affordable: Natural gas costs about half the price of gasoline or diesel. Natural gas vehicles cost less to maintain, are available commercially or through retrofitting and public fueling locations are growing by over 10% per year.
  • Clean: Vehicles fueled with natural gas can dramatically reduce carbon monoxide emissions, reactive hydrocarbons, and carbon dioxide emissions – the principal greenhouse gas (GHG).
  • Abundant and Domestically Produced: According to the America Gas Association, more than 85% of the natural gas used in the United States is domestically produced.

As a natural gas distribution company, our primary business is to deliver natural gas safely and reliably to our customers and communities. We support environmentally responsible development of domestic natural gas supplies as a critical element in a clean and sustainable U.S. energy strategy. We also support development of new uses for natural gas, including the safe development of transportation fuel alternatives.

What are Natural Gas Vehicles?

A natural gas vehicle is one that runs primarily on natural gas instead of gasoline or diesel fuel. The U.S. Department of Energy reports that worldwide, there are more than 14 million natural gas vehicles in use today. Approximately 112,000 are in the U.S., and many of these are used in commercial applications.

Cars, trucks, vans and buses can be converted to run on natural gas. Fleet operators, including delivery services, waste haulers, taxi companies and school districts now operate natural gas vehicles in many locations across the country.

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Fueling a Fleet

Our primary business is to safely and reliably deliver natural gas to our customers. We do not build or install fueling stations. Consider contacting the local Clean Cities organization for help in selecting a contractor to build a station. Once you have selected a manufacturer and proposed station location, please contact us to determine if natural gas is available to the site. Our Customer Care Center representatives are available at 1-844-809-8921.

Installing a Home Vehicle Fueling Station

If you own a personal natural gas vehicle and are interested in installing a home vehicle fueling station, please contact our Customer Care Center at 1-844-809-8921 to confirm that your service line and delivery pressure is able to supply a home fueling device. We do not build or install fueling devices.