Your Energy, Your Future

Facts About NIPSCO’s 2019 Proposal to Modify Electric Rates

Customers deserve and depend on reliable electricity at a fair price. That’s why NIPSCO is working hard to continually improve service while effectively managing costs.

It's "Your Energy" and it's "Your Future."

As we envision a brighter future for northern Indiana, we are focused on making the transition to lower-cost, cleaner energy options when it comes to supplying the future energy needs of our customers. 

Though customers will realize savings over the long-term as a result of these changes – largely through lower fuel costs from increased utilization of renewable energy and the avoidance of costs associated with maintaining and upgrading aging facilities – NIPSCO is making a request to adjust electric rates, which proposes an increase for customers to support the transition.

NIPSCO’s proposal seeks to the needs of customers and support the company's future plans.Customers have a voice in this year-long process, which is ultimately decided by the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (IURC).

Limiting the Impact on Customers

Balancing the need for system improvements while limiting the bill impact on customers is important. Newly proposed electric rates would be phased in over two steps in September 2019 and March 2020.

Under NIPSCO’s filing, an average residential customer using 690 kilowatt hours (kWh) per month would see an overall $11 per month increase in their monthly electric bill – or 12 percent per month.

Included as part of the overall bill change is a proposal to increase the existing, fixed monthly customer charge by $3 per month.

The projected change does not account for future changes that can occur outside of base electric rates – which could go up or down depending throughout a given year – such as fuel costs to run its generating facilities and the cost of administering energy efficiency programs for example.  Those costs still require regulatory oversight and approval.

Changes in rates for business customers will vary.  Today, NIPSCO’s electric rates are below the national average.

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*Residential customers only.  Your estimated monthly increase is only an estimate; the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission is in the process of reviewing the request and a final rate increase has not been determined.  The estimated increase above includes kWh usage only; taxes are not inclusive.

Why are rates changing?

In addition to supporting NIPSCO’s plans to accelerate the retirement of its remaining coal-fired electric generating units and transition to lower-cost renewable energy, the other primary drivers of the proposed increase include investments in upgrading electric infrastructure, recent environmental upgrades and a shift in demand among large industrial customers. New rates also support continued investments and improvements to better serve customers into the future.

Benefits and Service Improvements

It's important for customers to understand what they're paying for and that they're getting a good value.  NIPSCO’s plan highlights a range of improvements made in recent years that directly benefit customers, including;

  • Providing electric rates below the national average
  • Investing $535 million in the last five years in upgrades and improvements to modernize our electric infrastructure
  • Making investments to minimize power outages and provide better overall response and information to customers during events
  • Helping customers save an estimated $155 million in energy savings programs since 2010, based on current average electric rates
  • Completing environmental upgrades to improve local air and water quality